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Mission Statement

The OHIO SWAT Fast Pitch Softball Travel Program provides a higher level of competition beyond County and Recreational Leagues for players willing to make the commitment to work hard and improve their skills. Our primary focus of the program is player development, education and to promote good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation, and fair play in a positive and competitive environment. Our goal is to develop individuals into team players in a fun and enjoyable setting thus enhancing their levels of performance and self-confidence. We make every attempt to prepare each girl for success at the middle school, high school, and potentially collegiate level. Although we encourage fair and equal play for our players,  WINNING ball games is the primary focus and ultimate goal for OHIO SWAT Softball.

Fee to Play

There is a fee to play on OHIO S.W.A.T. with $100.00 due at signup.  There may  also be fund raisers that will allow the players and parents to raise the  fee in full or if a sponsor is brought to SWAT by a player or parent they can use it toward their fee. The fee will go toward tournament fees, uniforms, equipment and any other expense that is team related


Our travel program is not intended for everyone. We will accommodate participation for as many players as possible while continuing to maintain a higher level of play. Even if you make the team there is NO GUARANTEE that you will play.  S.W.A.T. plays every game to win and will play the players that are capable of winning that specific game.